Katie Davis

Ever since Katie was young, bio 1she has been involved in music — whether it was school band or choir, a church choir or worship team.  She and her family would put on concerts at camp meetings. Katie grew up in a very musical home and was taught to play piano and to sing beginning at the age of three. Katie attended Walla Walla University where she began learning guitar during her freshman year.  Since then, she has helped lead worship bands in a variety of churches, schools and youth/young adult conferences in Oregon, Washington, California, Mexico and Argentina.

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Katie also has a heart for missions.  Her love for missions began in high school on her first visit to a Mexicann orphanage and has blossomed into her taking or leading mission trips each year.


Katie has her B.A. in Spanish and a Masters in Spanish from Portland State University.  In August of 2012, Katie relocated to Southern Cal to teach Spanish at Bloomington Christian High and to be our worship leader.